Windows 10 Stuck at Boot Animation with No Disk Activity

The situation: Your computer was working just fine the last time you shut it down and now it won’t complete the boot process. The Windows logo and boot animation start, and there is a quick bit of disk activity which quickly stops.  The dots spin round and round, but nothing more happens. Turning it off and on causes automatic recovery to start, but it too has the same problem.

What happened: This is a problem caused by something with HiberFile.sys. This file is created for Fast Boot or hibernation.  Fast Boot and hibernation are turned off in Power Options on my PC, so it may also be the Hybrid Sleep setting.

The fix: Use a boot CD/USB etc. of some kind to get access to the Windows drive and recovery drive (they’ll probably both be in this state).  You’ll need to use NTFSFix in some versions of Linux before it will let you mount the drives.  After this, delete HiberFile.sys from the Windows drive.

If all goes well, your PC should start right up.  Once started if you don’t use sleep or hibernation turn fast boot, hibernation, and hybrid sleep off in power options.

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